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al industry and offer a sophisticated platform

GoRain hosts the best coins staking after detailed analysis. Our team of experts identifies and evaluates potential new projects before being made available to the wider public and helps the community seize the opportunity.

The Gorain platform is secure and fully compliant with the security of Google 2FA, where entrepreneurs can list their best currencies at the same time, GoRain strives to bring benefits to its members in terms of special pricing. rewards etc. As an investor you will get robust information that can play a critical role in the right decision to choose the best proof of participation currency.

Currently, we have the best bet coins that offer low risk, which makes the cryptomeo PDV an interesting area for everyone. GoRain not only lists currencies, but customizes support based on individual needs while offering multiple benefits to members of our community. Our automated rewards payment system pays frequent rewards, for example, proof of wagering coins.

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Register an account to start making money ith GoRain, send a deposit and get daily accruals. Just fill out the short registration.


To make a deposit you have to log into your p ersonal account. Do this after registration an d use make deposit function in your account,


Receive daily profit moment when deposit added. If you have two and more deposits (actually you can have a lot of them at the same time).

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Reward time is a lot shorter when we stake together in our pool Together we earn higher rewards than individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we offer you is one of the best staking pools services that exist, and we’re happy to provide this service to you.

  • We research the coins we add and get into contact with the coin teams, but us adding a coin to our service is not an endorsement of that coin. You make all your investments at your own risk. Please always follow the iron rule of investment: don’t invest more than you can easily afford to lose.

  • We have reduced the staking fee to 1% until the end of 2018, after which they will return to 3% of every staking reward. The fee for rewards of shared masternodes is 5%. There are no additional costs other than these fees.

  • We combine all deposits into a large pool to receive more rewards in a shorter time and distribute the rewards to all users based on their deposit. While we can optimize staking efficiency in this way, there is always the luck component of staking, and we cannot guarantee stakes. This is the nature of Proof of Stake and not under our control. You can check the coin explorers for rewards and check everything there: our pool is 100% transparent.

  • No, you can deposit any number of coins to our pool, and you will receive a share of the staking rewards based on the percentage of the pool you hold.

  • No, you have to send the correct coins to the addresses, we do not offer an exchange.

  • You will find your personal deposit address under the Deposit tab after you log in to your account.

  • You can make deposits at any time and the coins will be added to your balance automatically. Please space deposits for the same coin out and leave at least 1 hour between deposits of the same coin.

The Pool Power

Staking coins solo in your local wallet will take a long time and certainly won't reduce your power bill. Often small holdings won't give you any rewards at all. With the power of the pool you have many advantages like:

Explore amazing features

Everything in one place, so you can always keep track of all your positions and get the most profit out of your pos coins. Additionally, we never stop doing & developing new and great functions for you!

Automated & managed

All deposits, stakes and withdrawals are fully automated. Bonus: Your coin starts staking immediately after the deposit - no mature time.

No Requirements

An intuitive user interface to manage your coins, stake rewards and pool activities makes it stress free, transparent and secure.


Everyone who builds a team, invites friends or wins affiliates will be rewarded for lifetime. Save up to 10% of the fees from each Stake.

We give individuals and businesses the ability to earn interest through access to a decentralised staking network which provides their users with Proof of Stake services.

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